Staff Workshops

We are available for staff workshops with schools, nurseries, organisations and charities who work with children. 

Workshop Overview:

  • Start the training with an icebreaker activity to create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere
  • Introduce staff to the Mind Marvels Steps to Mental Wellbeing
  • Provide statistics to illustrate the impact of mental health on ourselves and children’s emotional wellbeing
  • Use case studies to demonstrate how negative thoughts and reactions can impact our behaviours
  • Incorporate group discussion to encourage staff participation and engagement
  • Share personal experiences and ask staff (who would like to) to do the same to foster a sense of empathy and understanding
  • Provide practical techniques for challenging negative thoughts, such as cognitive awareness and positive affirmations
  • Encourage staff to reflect on their reactions and behaviours in certain situations and discuss alternative ways to respond
  • Share resources and tools that can help staff support the mental health of children in their care, such as mindfulness exercises or relaxation techniques
  • Provide tips and strategies for staff to be proactive with their own well-being, such as taking breaks, seeking support, and practicing self-care
  • End the training with a recap of key points and a call to action for staff to implement what they have learned in their work with children

Staff training can be delivered online and in person and can be included on inservice/inset days and twilight sessions as part of continuous professional development (CPD). 

Please contact us so we can deliver a bespoke training package for your organisation. 

Karen getting ready for a Mind Marvels class