Wellbeing Sessions Within UK Education

Mind Marvels deliver emotional wellbeing sessions carefully embedded within the UK’s wellbeing curriculum. Sessions support the mental health and wellbeing of children in short bursts of activities designed to keep them engaged, learning and to explore calming emotional tools for themselves. Every session we deliver has 5 steps as detailed below – learn, move, connect, mindful and be kind.

Mind Marvels can support children from the age of 3 up to the end of primary school age. We deliver sessions within nurseries, schools and with charities/organisations. Sessions are flexible and can work within classrooms, gym halls and open spaces.

Examples of our work include:

  • Class sessions as part of a whole school block
  • Block of sessions with a nurture group of pupils
  • Council and social work partnerships delivering weekly sessions at ASN/SEN schools
  • Private nursery sessions both indoors and outdoors
  • Virtual school sessions, both pre-recorded and live for schools
  • Sessions with local youth groups and charitable organisations including Brownies and Cubs
Example Lesson Plan below:
Mind Marvels 5 Wellbeing Steps
Karen and children smiling during a Mind Marvels class
Children taking part in a Mind Marvels class with Karen Gibb
Learn - 5 Wellbeing Steps

understanding our brains, feelings and how our behaviour is affected by our emotions

Move - 5 Wellbeing Steps

exploring mindful movement and brain games to promote health and wellness

Connect - 5 Wellbeing Steps

learning new skills for emotional self-regulation, such as breathing techniques and mindful massage

Mindful- 5 Wellbeing Steps

relaxing with mindfulness and visualisation

Be Kind - 5 Wellbeing Steps
be kind

acknowledging the power of gratitude, positive thinking and affirmations