Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about our community wellbeing sessions.

Another sibling would be welcomed (for an additional cost) if we have the availability on our booking page.

This isn’t something we offer, however, sometimes we can offer you a one-off session at a reduced cost (subject to availability on our booking site).

Unfortunately, this isn’t something we offer, however, your ticket is transferable should you wish someone else to take your place. You can arrange this and let us know the relevant details to send out a new consent form.

You are able to pay via bank card online. We do not accept cash or cheque payments.

You can book sessions here. All our team members can be found on the website under their information.

If there is a space available then yes for a pro rata amount.

Each session lasts 45 minutes. You are welcome to arrive 5 minutes early and feel free to bring a cosy blanket!

Unfortunately, we usually only have one adult per child attending due to space. You are welcome to alternate session weeks with another adult.

Most of our venues have dedicated car parks. We try to find places where accessibility is suitable along with the ease of parking on-site or close by.

We are open to all children coming along with their parent/carer. We always aim to be as inclusive as possible and everyone is welcome with support from their grown ups.

Participation during our sessions is completely voluntary. Children will be asked if they are comfortable taking part and can sit out at any time to observe or sometimes we can slightly adjust the activity to something they feel more comfortable with.

Mind Marvels sessions support children to feel more calm and learn about regulating their own emotions. This can help them to feel more relaxed and focused at school as well as home.

To book sessions near you, please visit our booking page.