Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room!

Why would you invest in a business that you could set up yourself?

You have a point.

You essentially have two routes:

Route 1: DIY

When you do it yourself, you go through all the phases of any new and growing business.

It includes:

  • The steep learning curve 
  • The lack of budget to delegate, so working all hours to bring things to life
  • Learning through trial and error

This is exactly what I did with Mind Marvels, and I loved it.  But I wouldn’t go through it again if I could avoid it!


Route 2: Fast-Track

The unique thing about a franchise is that the company has done the leg work for you and you can enjoy getting up and running fast.

  • The franchisor has invested in coaching, systems etc. so you don’t have to
  • We’ve made the mistakes, so you can start with robust, tried and tested strategies
  • With Mind Marvels, all the marketing materials are created and so on, so you can focus on securing customers


Oh and not to mention, no direct competition – every business owner’s dream!

Each franchisee has their own territory – no overlaps.


So, which route will you take? Interested in the fast-track?