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Third Person Bio:

Karen Gibb founded the award winning business Mind Marvels to address the increasing emotional wellbeing concerns among children by offering calming wellbeing sessions. As a former teacher and someone who has struggled with anxiety herself, Karen directly influences and positively impacts the emotional wellbeing of children through Mind Marvels sessions in schools and nurseries. Due to the high demand for her sessions, she established a wellbeing franchise to expand her reach through additional team members to support more children across the UK. The Mind Marvels team are committed to helping children feel confident, happy and supported.

First Person Bio:

I established Mind Marvels to provide engaging and enjoyable sessions that would help children learn about and manage their wellbeing.

At Mind Marvels, we equip children with practical strategies and calming tools that enable them to enhance their wellbeing. This, in turn, helps them to feel more in control, cope with difficult situations, and manage their emotions effectively.

Having been an anxious youngster myself and having worked as a teacher, I fully appreciate the significance of our work. Due to the high demand for our sessions and the positive feedback we’ve received, I have established the award winning Mind Marvels Franchise UK wide to bring on additional team members to support more children. We are committed to helping children feel confident, happy, and supported.

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Karen Gibb, founder of Mind Marvels
Children taking part in Mind Marvels class work